I'm Baaaack

It's been years, no surprise I've been occupied elsewhere. That other online place, and doing genealogy, and still working full time.
Perhaps I will post some content here, several vignettes. Later, if they become part of a member, then I'd have to remove 'em from here, for legal licensing reasons. 

Back for a While

Geez, I have not posted here in more than a year!
Another amazing BayCon event has already come and gone.

Got to chat with David Peterson, who's creating languages for two different TV shows.

My BayCon Panels

Here are the 4 panels I'll be speaking on, during this holiday weekend at BayCon. I'm moderating the History panel, a first. (Nervous? Who, me?)

"Alternative History: A Single If," "Zombie Survival Plan Redux," "What to Pack for a 3-hour Tour," and "1982-2012: Thirty Years of Science Fiction."


A Cosmic and Science Fictional Stumper?

Okay all you science fiction buffs, I have a question.

A friend of mine has posed a stumper, so I'm going to toss it out here.
(I've read some mind-stretching SF, however, none that I recall addresses this particular issue.)

To set the stage: we know that some modern cosmologists favor the Multiverse theory, and much science fiction deals with some parallel cosmos in which the physical laws are different. Beings who live there, or humans going, or (at least) making contact with them, etc.

The strength of gravity, a fourth spatial axis, a varying flow of time, and other factors could be radically different.
(Think of Baxter's "The Raft," Asimov's "The Gods Themselves," or novels set within a 4D hyperspace.)

Is there at least one unchanging constant?
That, my friend proposes, is mathematics.

2 + 2 = 4 and in every conceivable realm or brane or 'bubble within' the multiverse.
Not even God can change that, it's claimed.

What do you folks here on LiveJournal think?

Contemporary Cartoons

I've been noticing how many editorial cartoons have commented upon the Tea Party movement, and lately, the Occupy movement.

Some of them are virtual mirror-images.

(I saw one that fits the second position with a style identical to the first (top) image, and will add that one if I can find it again.)

Last but not least, we have the actual similarities: